Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I passed my grade 6 piano practical exam with distinction!
I assumed and thought that i will get a merit, this is realy an unexpected result..
Congrats me! haha!

Actually im in 'lower distinction', which means 131 marks,
so.. im kinda lucky la XD

But seriously, compared to pass few years, this time i practice a lot, maybe this is the difference between hard working and laziness.. LOL

Oh ya, sorry that i update my blog soooooo slowly, haha, dont scole me my dear friends, i will update my blog if there is any 重要事件, i promise =P

Trail ends yestd, and STPM is coming soon!
I dont care! MUST relax for at least a week now!
Coz i was doing 临时抱佛脚 stuff over the trail, study whole year of the subject's contents just the day before the sbject's test!
I swear i will never do this again... i might go insane.. lol

Hmmm, my b.d is near, how should i celebrate it????
Celebrating b.d in red box is kinda sien d...
Oh no >.< , I have no idea at all..